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Joren Cull

Joren Cull -  based illustrator

Rencontrez l'illustrateur et animateur canadien Joren Cull, le talentueux artiste torontois qui a développé son propre langage visuel dans le genre contemporain de la bande dessinée et de la bande dessinée. Il est associé à un style d'humour ironique qui fait rire le public, sourire ou sourire narquois - tout dépend du ton que vise son client.
Trained at the prestigious Ontario College of Art and Design, Joren has become one of Canada’s leading independent animators, creating cringe-tastic productions such as A Brief History of Goth alongside hilariously alternative greetings cards, poster advertising and editorial illustrations for his clients. As well as his style, they love his ideas and flexible, punctual way of working. Joren grew up in the era of the Simpsons and South Park, which have inspired his simple approach to drawing and animation, while some of his wilder thoughts may sometimes remind you of David Lynch.


Identifying and working from a strong idea, Joren roughs out a composition and determines his colour palette, keeping it playful and vibrant then editing things back in Photoshop until he’s happy.


Joren’s style is whimsical and naïve, with a DIY aesthetic giving his work a sense of immediacy. His drawing style and characters express clear and simple ideas, the shaky lines in his animations add energy, while his off-kilter humour engages the viewer at an emotional level.


2011 – OCAD University – Illustration Award 2015 – National Magazine Awards – Spot Illustrations – Silver 2017 – Webby Awards – People’s Voice Best Animation 2018 – Communication Arts Awards – Animation

Liste des clients

Sa liste impressionnante de clients comprend le New York Times, Pitchfork Media, Bloomberg Businessweek, Weird Al Yankovic, Vice, The Walrus, The Guardian, National Geographic Hallmark et plus encore.
Animation gif publicitaire pour limonade
Joren Cull
Animation gif du déjeuner pizza
Joren Cull
Animation publicitaire Gif pour Dixie Shop
Joren Cull
Animation gif Kitty par Joren Cull
Joren Cull
Animation gif HateYa2-StyleFrame
Joren Cull
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