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Shiane Salabie

Shiane Salabie - NJ, USA based illustrator

Entrez dans les mondes du dessin animé créés par Shiane Salabie et découvrez les personnages étonnants et l'énergie joyeuse générés par cette talentueuse illustratrice. Livres pour enfants, création de personnages, art conceptuel - elle apporte un style narratif captivant à chaque projet dans lequel elle est impliquée.
Born in Jamaica and raised in New Jersey, Shiane graduated from the prestigious Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. Clients love the clean line work of her drawings, the vibrant palettes she applies and the intelligent questions she asks to understand the vision behind each brief. “I’m an island girl at heart so I draw a lot of inspiration from the ocean, fish and tropical flora. I’m also inspired by fairytales, folklore and nursery rhymes because I read so many of them as a child who practically lived at the library,” she says.


Illustrations begin with multiple sketches as Shiane plans the poses, props and shape language of the composition to fit the overall mood of the brief. Then she adds colour and finishes the work digitally with textures and gradients.


Shiane has an appealing cartoony style. Her children’s illustrations use coloured linework which she paints over bringing depth and physicality to the image. Her character design work deploys linework and flat colours, while line illustrations often remain black and white for impact.

Liste des clients

Certains des clients de Shiane incluent Joyin Inc, Mighty Writers et Westrend Global.
Shiane Salabie
Shiane Salabie
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