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Albert Morell

Albert Morell - Graphic icon illustrator. Germany

Graphic artist and illustrator Albert Morell is an expert when it comes to crafting distinctive and instantly recognisable corporate logos. Working with some of the world’s best-known branding agencies, he has a wealth of experience when it comes to creating impactful icons as well as key supporting visuals that establish a meaningful emotional link between brands and their audiences.
After studying sculpture and painting at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, Albert began working with a variety of advertising and brand identity agencies to gain an in-depth understanding of how they work. Reliable and on time, he’s quick to comprehend briefs and creative concepts, and works patiently and precisely to deliver work that gets the right results for his clients.


Working in Adobe Illustrator with his Wacom pad and pen, Albert develops visual identities in collaboration with his client. Often his role is to modernise and rejuvenate existing trademarks for contemporary audiences and he has become an expert in the field.


Albert’s logo designs frequently have a sculpted or engraved feel to them as he successfully uses light and shadow to give a sense of depth to each graphic, for a comforting traditional feel. However, his work is never too complex to be used at all sizes and on all media, and its timeless quality often means brands don’t need to redesign for many years to come.

Client list

Some of Albert’s clients include Elmwood, Checkland Kindleysides, Design Bridge, Seymour Powell, Webb deVlam, Brand Opus, Publicis, Jung von Matt and Landor.
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