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Butcher Billy

Butcher Billy - International pop culture illustrator. Brazil

Butcher Billy is a Brazilian illustrator who serves up a fresh slice of modern culture by splicing ideas, imagery, lyrics and moods together forming his own unique form of contemporary nostalgia. Juxtaposing everything from Wonder Woman and the Watchmen to Morrissey and Breaking Bad, his work is ironic, iconic and very postmodern.
In addition to his illustration work, Billy is a creative director in a digital agency. He lived in the UK for a while, and has travelled widely. With seemingly endless influences at his disposal – including Banksy, David Bowie, Steve Ditko, Shigeru Miyamoto, Malcolm McLaren and Andy Warhol – Butcher Billy never runs out of moods and concepts to explore. He graduated in Graphic Design from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, in Brazil.


After sketching his ideas, Butcher Billy gets on his Mac to create a clean, clear image. He uses basic colours and strong graphical forms for images that really pop. Though he creates his work digitally, he’s absorbed by the typography, imagery and creative concepts of the 70s, 80s and 90s and loves the little imperfections of the pre-web era.


With influences coming from movies, games, comics, music, television and the arts, Butcher Billy’s brand of Pop Art might mash up ideas, but the final executions are very cohesive and immediate.

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Instagram: 95.2k

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Butcher Billy’s clients Netflix, Stranger Things, Marvel, Black Mirror, Honda, Warner, Lionsgate, Amazon Prime, Playboy, New York Times, Universal Music, UFC
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