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Cindy Fröhlich

Cindy Fröhlich - illustrator

Illustrating with a sense of fun and adventure, Hamburg-based artist Cindy Frölich effortlessly sparks the imagination of her audience. With engaging characters and colourful settings, she connects with viewers on a human level and emotion is central to her unique form of visual storytelling. Clients love the consistent quality of her images, and her reliable work ethic.
Cindy trained via Germany’s IBKK distance learning programme while simultaneously working full-time for an animation studio, gaining experience on projects like the animated series Little Amadeus. Her work in illustration has fulfilled her childhood dream of being able to create worlds like the magic chalk drawing scenes in Mary Poppins. Today she takes inspiration from nature – long walks in the forest, birds, flowers and insects.


Cindy’s first step is to understand the feeling an image is meant to convey. She sketches lots of wild roughs until she’s established a strong composition and this draft will be sent to the client for feedback. Once approved, she’ll colour it up and apply the finishing touches. Sometimes she varies her approach, beginning with light and shadow to set the mood of the piece.


Often Cindy’s style is described as cheerful and cosy. With clean, graphical forms it’s easy to read and everything – composition, colour, body language – is subtly crafted to evoke an emotional response.


Fluent in English, German

Client list

Cindy’s clients include McDonald’s, Droemer Knaur Verlag, DTV Junior, Wunderwerk, Oxford University Press, Gruner + Jar, Remstal Gartenschau 2019 and Servus Kinder.
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