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James Grover

James Grover - International mural &  editorial illustrator. Exeter

From vast murals to pages in books and magazines and on to digital screens, whatever size James Grover draws at the unique hand of the artist is there in every image he creates. Intense patterns, hand-rendered lettering, sumptuous levels of detail – each project he works on brings an individual touch that makes it stand out from the rest.
Based in Toronto, James grew up in Nottingham in the UK and received a first class degree in Illustration from the University of Lincoln. With a collection of books about fossils, birds and plants, he’s inspired by natural textures and patterns, which feed into his work. He’s often commissioned to work at large scales, drawing and painting directly onto walls in his unique style.


James starts his work in pencil, applying his colours digitally. He likes to maintain a handmade feel to his illustrations, and adds textures to what he’s drawn for further richness. His Mac helps him meet tight deadlines, while maintaining a high level of detail in each piece. Mural projects, meanwhile, are undertaken using paint pens and emulsion.


Patterns and detail are important elements in James’s style. His line work has a slightly naïve feel to it and, working digitally, he adds depth to images by including extra elements, even if they’re small and subtle.


2011 – Zizzi Deliciously Stylish II Award

Client list

Some of James’ clients include Kopparberg, The Boston Globe, Darwin Holidays, Zizzi Ristorante, Baltimore Magazine, The Psychologist, Bloomsbury, Abu Dhabi Airport and Hay House Publishers.
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