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Liam Brazier

Liam Brazier - British Illustrator, Animator & Low Poly Artist. UK

The London-based illustrator and animator Liam Bazier looks at the world in a unique way, and his artwork certainly reflects this. Effortlessly bringing shapes and bright colours together to form people, places and objects, he’ll give any project a distinctive look and feel, drawing the viewer in through deconstruction.
Liam’s work is often classed as ‘low poly art’, but whereas low polygon modelling is a form of CGI, he focuses on using shapes and colours to reduce images to as few basic forms as possible. Instead of 3D wireframes, his imaginative process begins with paper collage techniques. With a BA in Illustration from the Kent Institute of Art and Design, Liam’s influences include the architect Charles Sheeler, Disney animations and Star Trek. He’s based in London.


Liam used to cut each shape out with a scalpel, using coloured papers to construct a final piece. Today, he has distilled this process down to a digital one, drawing and colouring his shapes in software and using strong, saturated tones to suggest depth.


Using shapes and colours to depict three-dimensional forms on a two-dimensional surface, Liam reduces objects to their perfect forms. There is a beauty in the simplicity of his work as he pushes the boundaries in both still images and animation.

Client list

Liam’s clients include the BBC, Marvel, 20th Century Fox, GAME, Casio, Transport for London, Queens of the Stone Age, Megadeth, David Letterman and Team France at the Tour de France.
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