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Samy Löwe

Samy Löwe - Stuttgart-based digital illustrator

A fresh new talent on the European illustration scene, Stuttgart artist Samy Löwe has quickly built a reputation for himself creating clear, colourful imagery with a sense of fun about it. Communicating core messages with simple pictures is his speciality, and he always finds a way of making audiences – and clients – smile.
The same is true when you work with Samy. He’s quick and will dive straight into a brief, communicating with his client to ensure he’s on point before delivering images that get the message across while also bringing something unique and imaginative to the project. He has a BA in Communication Design from the Hochschule für Kommunikation und Gestaltung in Stuttgart. Using his animation skills he adeptly turns drawings into moving images – perfect for projects with a social media dimension.


A spontaneous response is important to Samy, so he works in Procreate on his iPad using a workflow optimised for tight deadlines. When he animates, Samy takes his initial drawings over to his PC and puts them in motion.


With each artwork, Samy aims to keep things clear and simple, only showing what’s necessary for viewers to understand the message. He uses rich pastel colours, and though his work has a clean, digital feel he does add little elements of shading and texture to bring it to life.


Fluent in English, Germany

Client list

Samy’s clients include Bild Zeitung, the City of Hamburg and the Bundestag.
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