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Studio Hosego

Studio Hosego - Netherlands based illustrator

Intelligent illustration in the post-truth era – this is the forte of Studio Hosego, a collaboration between artists Daniel Hosego and Chris Ede. Contemporary themes are brought together with a classic etching-inspired style to create artwork that is astounding, intriguing, witty and timeless. It’s perfect for projects that explore ideas in clever ways across advertising, editorial and book publishing.
Chris and Daniel began drawing together way back when they were in Mr Holden’s art class, in a small English town. Chris went on to receive a BA in Illustration from the University of Portsmouth and built himself a successful career in commercial illustration. Daniel took Fine Art at Kingston and now exhibits around the world. Clients benefit from their inventiveness and experience. A fascinating range of influences go into the Hosego style – Albrecht Durer and the Northern Renaissance, TS Eliot’s The Waste Land, mannerism, Albert Camus and Friedrich Nietzsche.


The linework for each illustration is created by hand using ink on paper. This is then digitised, with shadows and highlights developed in Photoshop before it is finished with colouring and pattern work.


As well as captivating the viewer in a narrative, Studio Hosego’s sublime line work juxtaposes a classic etching style with modern thinking to wonderful effect. The characters and situations ask important moral questions, unpicking our value systems and today’s deep divisions in politics and culture.

Client list

-Google -Hermès Paris -Maison de Victor Hugo -Vogue -NBC Universal -Financial Times -Institute d’Français -The Guardian -Channel 4 -The Atlantic
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