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Zhe Titi

Zhe Titi - illustrator

Zhetiti World is a Chinese illustrator who creates narrative images using integrated materials.
Zhang Wangzhe, AKA Zhetiti World is an illustrator based in Hangzhou, China. She graduated from The Department of Illustration at China Academy of Art, then earned her masters degree at University of The Arts, London, UK. Upon her return to China in 2014, Zhetiti became an art teacher. Her favourite thing is drawing, and it is how she spends most of her spare time. Zhetiti is skilled in both hand made techniques and is digitally proficient - she likes to combine both practices to create her work. She has already worked for an impressive list of Chinese clients in packaging, publishing and children's picture books.

Client list

Zhejiang Children’s Publishing House Anhui Children’s Publishing House Beijing Modern Publishing House The magazine of Life Week The magazine of Children’s Literature The magazine of Huixin The magazine of Huiyi The magazine of Wenyi Fengxiang Impressions of the city of Xian Changlong Park Tian Mao Jiangsu TV
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