London Mural

Liam O'Farrell was recently commissioned to paint a mural of London's architecture on an apartment wall.

Liam O'Farrell was delighted to be commissioned to complete this amazing mural, the mural which was painted on the apartment wall of a client and features some of London's most stunning buildings.

Liam tells us a bit more about the project,

"I have been painting London’s architecture for many years now. I have always enjoyed running about the metropolis, noting its eclectic and often eccentric buildings, so I was most intrigued when a client called me up to commission a very large mural of London buildings for her apartment. I have never done a mural before, so I confess I was a mite nervous at first. That said, I do enjoy a challenge. The client wanted the mural to feature buildings in London that meant something special to her. Great food in Borough market, art in Manchester House, and so on. The client also has a taste for the Gothic and Neo-Classic which are probably the most difficult architectural styles to paint."

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