The Art of The Scarf

Talbots team up with Hannah Davies, Caroline So & Annie Davidson to raise awareness about breast cancer.

We were delighted to see three of our female illustrators join forces with Talbot to help create a unique collection that features five limited-edition, one-of-a-kind scarves created by internationally renowned female artists. 20% of net proceeds benefit National Breast Cancer Foundation.

We spoke to the three illustrators about the influences and inspiration behind their scarf design.

Hannah Davies who combines pattern designs and illustration to create new and unique works of art, tells us, 

 “I was inspired by the strength of all women who struggle with breast cancer, and the constant show of support from friends and family near and far. The lioness is a symbol of courage, reminding us that together we can beat this disease.”

Hannah's inspiration for the scarf design was taken from personal experiences in her life. She understands the struggles that women go though with brest cancer and the importance of coming together in times of need. In the illustration the hands represent support from family and friends and also togetherness when individuals need this most. The lioness is a symbol of strength and courage. It's there to remind us this illness can be beaten though determination and positivity. Hannah hoped the scarf would spread courage and happiness.

Hannah's scarf: 

Caroline So whose engaging fashion & beauty illustrations see her working with prestigous clients such as Marc Jacobs, Fresh Beauty and Kate Spade was inspired by a certain female sensibility,

"I like to bring a touch of joy to everything I do. In creating this scarf I was deeply inspired by a certain female sensibility - lighthearted and playful, yet courageous, strong and confident."

Caroline's scarf

Melbourne based illustrator Annie Davidson is well known for her naïve and quirky drawings - filled with meticulous patterns and fine touches of detail, she tells us,

"I loved the idea of a map, as it makes so many different women seem connected, and I wanted to represent women from all walks of life as breast cancer can affect anyone. I wanted to celebrate women showing them doing what they love & proudly being the individuals they are."

Annie's scarf

To purchase one of these beautiful scarves visit Talbot's site HERE



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