Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Taboo Branding

Ben Tallon chats with Nadja Lossgott; creative partner at AMV BBDO on the role of brands in positive change.

Written by Ben Tallon

AMV BBDO is a global communications agency. 289 offices in 81 countries. That's influence. Their #Bloodnormal campaign for Bodyform was the first to show period blood. Plastic Oceans with Ladbible played a significant role in bringing the plastic problem into mainstream conversation. Both campaigns showcased the power of creativity and visual communication. I talk to creative partner and a key mind behind both campaigns Nadja Lossgott about her work for AMV, her story, thoughts on branding taboos and the power of our artistic skills to inspire change for good. We get into the role of consumers and brands in triggering mainstream conversations and we must piss a few people off to make real change.

What are your thoughts on blood in advertising and the role of brands in positive change? @arrestallmimics on social media.



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