sija hong's surreal scrapbook cover

Scrapbook Notebook 13 is Here!

We are super-excited to publish issue 13 in our Scrapbook Notebook series!

With stunning cover art by Sija Hong, the edition is a must-read with Q&A interviews from our internationally based  illustrators Laura Greenan, Caroline So, Greg Straight, Tom BonsonDecue Wu, Liam Brazier, Matthew Laznicka, Enya Todd and Nicole Evans.   

Additionally it contains the all important Directory of Illustrators reference and the essential year planners, digital file reference and paper data.   

Did you know that IllustrationX donates 1% of it’s global turnover to combat global warming and alleviate poverty via systematic tree planting?  An update on our Ten Million Trees campaign is included and in a bid to reduce single use plastics, the issue is being distributed in recycled & recylable plastic wrapping.

Currently hitting our valued clients desks this week, it’s a particularly exciting edition for us at IllustrationX as it’s the first to carry our new branding.  We hope the lucky recipients will enjoy using as much as we have enjoyed producing. 

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