Shanghai Exhibition

We’re excited to report that our first exhibition in Shanghai, which was a collaboration between IllustrationX and No.2A Art Space, was a huge success with guests from all creative sectors enjoying the evening and most importantly admiring the exhibited artwork from Rosanna Tasker , Daniel Sulzberg, Joseph McDermott, Antonio Soares and Mike Hall as well as three No.2A co-artists from Japan and China.

Due to the epidemic, with people are unable to travel to other countries, the exhibition was an opportunity to combine the exceptional talents of illustrators from different countries and regions with the theme of "travel" to represent an artistic journey of "traveling around the world" through their artwork, the partnership between IllustrationX and No.2a Art really hoped to exhibit art which would have a healing effect on people's hearts and fill them with a positivity and warmth.

The illustrations within the exhibition were not solely limited to paper, some of the the illustrators demonstrated their artwork through digital VR technology, breaking through the boundaries of space and exploring the many possibilities of illustration and media with the audience. The audience were able to appreciate the illustration works and experience the immersive feeling of VR technology, as well as the mysterious charm of the century-old building of Black Mansions.

The unforgettable opening night saw 50 people appreciating the artwork, including clients from 4a design and production companies, Shanghai-based illustrators, senior industry professionals and good friends.

We look forward to hosting more nights like this in the future.

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