The Elf in the Delph

Ben Tallon releases the first in a series of short-run, illustrated zines.

With each copy hand-numbered, signed, and containing a unique elf sketch, Ben combines his skills of creative writing and art to produce the first in a series of zines, perfect for collecting.

Ben explains, "The story itself is a black comedy exploration of thought patterns and place, community, and of the way tradition has a tendency to invert logic. Too often we choose not to do the right thing to avoid judgement; anything but to be seen doing something unusual, no matter the motivations... 

I've been exploring the marriage of my illustration work, and my writing for some time now, and these zines are perfectly placed to punctuate the larger story collections, which are more time-consuming to produce. I wanted to create something with scarcity, that provided me with more visual creative license and provide the reader with something rare. I adore the more instinctive, fanzine style aesthetic, and working this way enables me to share the more of the warped stories I've been developing."

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ben tallon
black and white
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