Project Silent Barista

Food company Oatly commission Cat Sims to make a carousel of images for their Silent Barista project.

Oatly's mission is to create more job opportunities for people who tend to be left out of the labour market, and so came up with the Silent Barista initiative in Shanghai – 'providing officially-certified barista training and job opportunities to the deaf community.' 

Cat's series of narrative images outline the issue faced, where only one in three people with a disability are employed worldwide and 20 million deaf and hard of hearing people live in China, meaning a large number of these are out of work. The project trains people who are deaf and hard of hearing to become professionally certified baristas, Oatly have even developed a new local Barista Sign Language Dictionary for the community.

Drawn with powerful lines, a limited palette and in Cat's comic book style, the artwork successfully takes the reader on the Oatly journey, read more here.

food and drink
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cat sims
comic book
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