Poke bowl - The Cali Venus advertising illustration

Seasonal Poke Bowl

Fionna Fernandes works with Poke House to create a buzz around their new seasonal poke bowl - The Cali Venus.

Fionna's three artworks illustrate a limited-edition spring bowl co-created with the Poke House community. Over 10K suggestions were gathered from customers in order to create the Cali Venus - full of taste and freshness and made with the most popular ingredients.

Fionna explains, "The main artwork representing the limited-edition bowl is inspired by Venus in the painting “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli. The illustration is a California-style, modern interpretation of the goddess and the secondary artwork is an animated hand holding chopsticks that highlight key ingredients of the bowl: tasty salmon tartare and fresh spring basil sauce. The third visual is a pair of headphones worn by Venus, animated swaying her head. It was used to promote “Sunny Vibes”, a Spotify playlist inspired by the Cali Venus."

The illustrations were used across Poke House’s website and other marketing materials including their social media platforms and in store.

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