What we learned about creativity from: UNICEF's Elinor Samuelsson

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What we learned about creativity from: UNICEF's Elinor Samuelsson

What we learned about creativity from UNICEF's Office of Innovation's Elinor Samuelsson.

Nature’s systems run through everything – adopt them!

Boredom is an abundant source of creativity, imagination, and understanding ourselves

Studying and observing our feelings enables us to own them for a happier life

Enabling true creativity requires great organisation and preparation

Language can cast spells!

AI is still evil, but there are beautiful uses of it

Elinor Samuelsson lets us inside the work of UNICEF's Office of Innovation, which uses imagination, innovation, invention, and play to create across complex global systems.

Language barriers, cultural differences, lack of technology, missing ambition, and access to vital services are just a few of the challenges that form puzzle-like project briefs for Elinor and her team when they seek to establish the children most in need of support. Creativity, design, and innovative systems can help to transform layered and ubiquitous information into directions to make a huge difference, and Elinor takes us through how this all works.

This is a beautiful and awe-inspiring example of why creativity must take its rightful place in global education systems when we face myriad challenges to our way of life.

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