What we learned about creativity from: Brandon Consultants' founder Richard Taylor

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What we learned about creativity from: Brandon Consultants' founder Richard Taylor

What we learned about creativity from Brandon Consultants’ founder Richard Taylor:

Roots grow deep. Origin stories matter. 

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to innovate

Considered candour saves everyone time and frees up creativity

Helping the human in front of you sets the foundations for great work

If someone works hard and is good at what they do, get out of the way

The full episode 232 in long and highlights form is out now!

Richard Taylor has spent over 30 years in the design industry, working across branding, visual identity, packaging, and much more. For the past 12 or so years, he'd headed Brandon:

"In a chaotic world, great brands can be ignored. We’re here to help.

We switch brands on by understanding how they connect with people. Some call it research; we call it rigorous naivety. Exploring without arrogance or assumption to build a genuine picture of the real world.

So we can unearth insights that help awaken brand potential."

Richard shares his learnings, observations, beliefs, and evidence of achievements in commercial creativity.

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