Jacqueline Bissett works with costume designer Joanna Johnston

The Costumes of Allied

Jacqueline Bissett works with costume designer Joanna Johnston illustrating the film's spectacular costumes.

Jacqueline is looking forward to the premiere of Allied starring actors Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard after her involvement in the costume side of the production. Jacqueline illustrated the costumes for each scene in Allied which is made by Paramount Studios, she says "It was such an honour working closely with Joanna Johnston, (costume designer for many other top movies; War Horse, The BFG, Saving Private Ryan and Lincoln; where she was nominated for an Oscar). She's a fabulous designer...the collaboration started about a year ago when I went into Joanna's costume workshop where we started to work together. The space there was vast and the design area took up one corner. The pattern cutters and workroom took up another and then gradually over the next weeks, the space filled up with more and more garments, props & accessories. I was in my element being surrounded by the most amazing vintage handbags & shoes! Joanna and I worked side by side, I would sketch as she described details and showed me original samples to inspire details. I loved her attention to detail and was fascinated when told "this dress has to be cut in such a way to conceal a weapon". The film's story gradually unfolded over the next few months (with more costumes arriving - officer's uniforms, parachutes etc), before the filming commenced last February." Jacqueline worked in watercolour on around forty artworks, loosely based on Brad Pitt's and Marion Cotillard's characters, with the figure punctuated with details from each scene. The film is premiered on 23rd November.

Jacqueline is also involved in Stars on Canvas; helping to raise money for the Willow Foundation, this year she has focused on a portrait of Marion Cotillard in a sparkly dress from Allied. The Auction starts mid-November, just before the film's release - let's hope that Marion raises lots of money!

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