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Jacqueline Bissett has been letting her creative juices flow by joining a weekly Zoom Live Drawing Class.

The recent lockdown has meant that creatives are finding new and exciting ways to get inspired, Jacqueline Bisset has recently joining a weekly live drawing class hosted by Drawing Caberet Couture hosted by J'adore La Vie and Matthew GJ Lawrence.

Jacqueline tells us a bit more about the class,

"The model Janet Mayer is an aerialist and dancer so does some really exciting poses, starting with slow movements to loosen the artists up before doing 3-5 minute poses and then 15-20 minute poses. Her partner Matthew Lawrence is an artist and directs the poses beautifully.


I find the 2 hours fly by so quickly and feel really energised and inspired during this time as it's really intense, focused drawing. I would highly recommend this drawing class to others, especially fashion illustrators although I feel that general illustrators would enjoy just as much!

It's really made me realise the importance of life drawing for me and I shall attend more regularly from now on. So nice to have a bit more time! I'm hoping to get them turned into art prints in the future."


To find out more about joing the class click HERE



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