Smile Now: Life Lessons from 2020

Daniel Sulzberg works on a book designed to teach life lessons to kids conveying positivity, self-belief and wellbeing.

This project is a personal one for Daniel and one motivated by having his own children. "Smile Now: Life Lessons from 2020" is free to download with a donation to CALM, a non-profit charity in his hometown of Santa Barbara that helps kids and families. Daniel explains more:

Award winning Santa Barbara based illustrator Daniel Sulzberg has created the book “Smile Now”, a memorable and moving series of 31 illustrated life lessons that he’s learned from 2020 to pass on to the next generation. It all started with the annual event known as Inktober, whereby artists around the world take part in posting online a new illustration every day for the month of October. “I decided to use Inktober as a reason to create something special for my own kids,” Daniel says. “2020 has been challenging and life changing for so many reasons and it made me realize that life is short so I started to illustrate a life lesson every day that I could share with my kids.” Each illustration covers important topics such as race, climate change, inclusion, and acceptance. After receiving an outpouring of positive feedback from other parents online, Daniel decided to compile the illustrations into a book called “Smile Now” that he has made as a free download on his website to anyone who wants it. Daniel also set up a donation page to CALM, a local non profit organization whose mission is to prevent childhood trauma, heal children and families, and build resilient communities throughout Santa Barbara County. “2020 will be remembered in the history books, so I wanted to find a way to document the important lessons that this year has taught us all and if it helps change one life for the better, that would make it all worth it”, says Daniel.

The free book titled “Smile Now” 31 illustrated life lessons from 2020 can be found online at Daniel’s website. A donation contribution to CALM can also be made there as well. 

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