White Cobra

Gary Mayes completes an animated 15-second intro for theatrical company White Cobra.

Gary was responsible for the conception, design and creation of this short animation for the multi-disciplinary theatrical company White Cobra, who stage live performances and produce short films and audio dramas, using social media to share their work. Gary was briefed to create an animation which reflected the diversity of what they do, and to be dramatic, quirky, friendly, surprising, but not pompous. Gary adds, "The music is by Allen Grey who can be found at Envato audiojungle. The track I used is from a longer piece, but I have selected an appropriate phrase from it and edited it to length to fit the Intro. A short sting was also created from the last part of the animation, where the snake disappears in the closing red curtains and rears up to form the logo." WATCH the animation here.

gary mayes
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