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Matthew Laznicka

Matthew Laznicka - USA based illustrator

One of Matthew Laznicka’s all time favourite commissions was to create box artwork for an Eidos game. The company wanted a 1960s-style cover with giant invading insects. With a love of the B-movie and pulp poster art of yesteryear, Matthew was in his element. Yet his life and interests are about as far from the chaos of insect invasions as can be. Growing up in Racine, Wisconsin he was minutes away from the mighty Lake Michigan where swimming and fishing were favourite summer pursuits. He still loves fishing, camping and the great outdoors today. With a line in the water he can relax, unwind, and forget about the prospect of giant killer insects.


After high school, Matthew got a degree in Commercial Illustration from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. He worked for over a decade as an in-house designer and illustrator in Minneapolis and Milwaukee and became a full-time illustrator after his daughter was born.


Each image Matthew creates begins with a sketch that is scanned in and manipulated in Photoshop. Building up overlapping layers of colour that blend together, the final outcome has a very painterly feel despite its digital origins.


Matthew loves classic illustration work from the 1940s through to the 70s and tries to capture the essence of that look, but usually with a contemporary twist. Two of his greatest influences have been Norman Rockwell, and the Popular Mechanics covers of his childhood.

Client list

GQ Carlton Books UK Springer (Hamburg) Mercedes Benz FHM Simon and Shuster Edios Volvo Time/Life Telos Publishing Manhattan Luxury Magazine Caspian Publishing Ltd Hearst Publishing Popular Mechanics
Matthew, I can't thank you enough for doing such a GREAT job!
Camille Neilson, Dennis Publishing Ltd - UK
Thanks for everything! It all looks fantastic.
Kelly Lewis, Backstage Magazine - USA
Thanks for everything Matthew. Outstanding work as usual.
Darol Michael Carr, Believe Entertainment Inc - USA
The illustrations are perfect. Exactly what we were envisioning.
Martha P. Terry, Binghamton University Magazine - USA
This looks incredible Matthew, a really good likeness of Jeff! Really good, it looks fantastic!
Simon Freeborough - Creative Director, Nuts Magazine - UK
Nice work. Great job on these! They look fantastic!
Jonas Barber, Tru Product
Matthew had a great happy energy from the get go, and from the first draft my brother and I knew we were in good hands. Matthew was very good at taking on direction and changes and really understood what we were trying to portray, adding some of his creative genius to the mix. He was very patient with us, even with the most minute changes and details, and always had a positive attitude. In the end, my brother and I ended up with a logo that is even better than we ever imagined. Something we are excited and very proud of. Thank you Matthew!
Steve & John Pace, Gemma Joe's
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