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Parker Nia Gordon

Parker Nia Gordon - Memphis, TN , United States based illustrator

Parker-Nia Gordon is a Memphis, Tennessee-based illustrator who has developed her own beautiful style and a unique visual language, using it to create characters and stories that invite viewers to step into another world. When you do, you’ll discover a place that’s fun, youthful, charming and full of vibrant colour and interesting characters.
With a look that’s perfect for projects aimed at children and young adults, Parker-Nia’s illustrations are influenced by her own memories and experiences, and the feelings we all go through as young people learning to relate to the world. Her aim is to capture these emotions and share them with the viewer at a spiritual level. Clients love the life, colour and honesty that come through in Parker-Nia’s artwork. Parker-Nia is a graduate of the prestigious Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.


Parker-Nia paints digitally using Procreate on her iPad. She works in a vibrant colour palette that emphasises fun, excitement and the feeling of being young.


It’s Parker-Nia’s characters that really stand out. Each has its own unique story, and is brought to life through strong facial expressions, body language and emotion. The mood extends to the settings she creates as well, using lighting, depth and texture to evoke imaginative new worlds for her characters to inhabit.

Client list

Parker-Nia’s clients include Black Women Animate, Amplify, ABC Survival Guide and more.
Character design of girl gang
Parker Nia Gordon
Character design of angry girl
Parker Nia Gordon
Character design of couple kiss
Parker Nia Gordon
Pastel Purple illustration
Parker Nia Gordon
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