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Shelley Chen

Shelley Chen - Toronto, Canada based illustrator

Trained in medical illustration, Shelley Li Wen Chen also loves using her skills to create comics and concept art. She’s inspired by the work of Kinu Nishimura, Inoue Takehiko, and Ashley Wood, and has bookshelves filled with manga, design and old art books. Even as a child, Shelley loved drawing and making things. Her family emigrated to Vancouver from Taiwan when she was young, and she later moved to Toronto, where she’s now based.


Shelley completed a Masters in Medical Illustration and Media at the University of Toronto.


When creating a medical illustration, she concentrates hard on the brief and works out the most effective way to communicate the subject. Often, she works completely digitally, sketching and finishing her images using Photoshop and Illustrator.


Clarity is a key component in Shelley’s style. She’ll use various aesthetics in order for the image to communicate effectively. Often, she works in a flat, graphic style, particularly if the piece needs to teach or explain something. When it comes to editorial pieces or advertising, she’s more likely to try and grab the viewer’s attention with a more dramatic composition.

Client list

The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto Korean Journal of Urology Redactive Media Insurance Times McNeil Mount Sinai Hospital, New York
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