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Shailesh Khandeparkar

Shailesh Khandeparkar - India based illustrator

Shailesh Khandeparkar is a freelance illustrator and designer working in Mumbai. His background in art comes from his creative family, and his influences include the cartoonists Mario Miranda and Jack Davis, and the design work of Fukuda Design and Paul Rand.


Shailesh has a degree in applied arts from the Goa College of Art.


Though much of his work has a simple, graphic feel to it, Shailesh is happiest when he’s drawing in detail. He prefers to work in pen and ink and to keep the colours restrained so he can focus on minute details, which give the work its own character and intrigue.


With his background in graphic design and art direction, for Shailesh the idea comes before the style. Therefore in his portfolio you’ll see a whole range of work from colourful and quirky children’s illustration through to powerful campaign posters featuring strong graphical forms. He likes to bring traditional Indian influences into his work when he can, mixing it with a modern, urban sensibility to create something entirely new.


Shailesh has received Merit Awards from The One Show Design each year between 2007-09 and 2011-12.

Client list

Vodafone World Wildlife Fund Principal Financial Group Cadbury Unilever Huggies The Economist Ogilvy and Mather, Mumbai Mudra Communications
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