An Illustration For Poppycock Game


Lee Hodges is excited to announce the imminent release of the board game ‘Poppycock’ by Clarendon Games!

We are all looking forward to the release of new board game Poppycock, the packaging was illustrated by Lee is his signature colourful and vibrant style.

Lee tells us a bit more about the project,

"My first bit of artwork packaging really and most definitely my first board game! I never really thought about my work fitting this kind of brief or product, but I’m so pleased with the results!

Clarendon games came with concept and obviously ‘game plan’, so to speak, and I created the artwork in order to bring the game to life. The outside packaging and the game itself took a fair few rounds of polish until the finished character began to appear. They wanted something fairly fun and wacky that would stand out on the shelves, as well as developing the character as part of the board itself, the artwork very much relied on my hand written text skills and flair for colour.

There has been a fair bit of excitement for the release of the game after it was awarded one of the most anticipated 25 “Hero Toys” at the 2018 Toy Fair.

This hilarious trivia game is available to buy HERE

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