An Evolving Style

An Evolving Style

David Catrow unveils some of his latest illustrations's your visual calling card, it's something which is learned and developed over the course of an artist's career...the best part is that it continues to evolve over time, growing organically with the changing landscape of trends....but continuing to pull all your pieces together in a distinct and cohesive manner.

David Catrow's distinctive style has seen him illustrate over 70 books, winnng high acclaim on the New York Times best sellers list and even having his bright and zany characters animated for a TV series.

He has lately been developing his work to create some new pieces which sees him simplifying his artwork, decluttering his illustrations to reveal clean, effortless compositions which tell you the story directly, whilst still maintaining his unique vision of the world.

He tells us a bit more about his inspiration for these new pieces,

"My aesthetic as an artist has always been to try and define, down to the T, the universe I live in. But some occasions don’t lend themselves to the vociferous. These new images represent my best attempt to, as they say in Hollywood; "Cut to the chase!"

To see David's latest work visit his portfolio HERE