Fashion at the Bat Mitzvah

Jacqueline Bissett draws live at a sensational fashion themed coming-of-age celebration.

The Bat Mitzvah was held at the old Sunbeam Talbot Car Works in Notting Hill which was beautifully renovated and transformed with a fashion theme for the evening. 'Emily London' was branded à la Vuitton style with logo-ed boxes and customised denim jackets gifted to each child. The event also featured a catwalk show, dancers, models and fake paparazzi roaming the floor.

After taking photos of the guests, Jacqueline retired 'backstage' to sketch A5 full-length fashion portraits of the teenagers alongside Miss Magpie Spy, the artworks were then presented to the guests in gold envelopes on their way home.

Jacqueline adds, "I was asked to paint a portrait of the party girl pre-event to print in her very own fashion magazine, gifted to each guest - it really was a fabulous event that totally wowed the guests as they descended the staircase!"

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jacqueline bissett live event drawing
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