Exploring the Wild Side!

Lee Hodges illustrates the packaging of Forest Feast's vegan snacks with his energetic style.

Lee worked with FLY Brand & Design Consultancy for this project which tasked him with producing some colourful creature characters for a range of dry fruit snacks. The client was particularly inspired by a Chameleon in a Carnival poster that Lee had previously worked on, which became the spring-board to creating three more energised, super colourful, dextrous creatures of the forest. Lee explains, "Of course there were more than three to start with, (including a spectacled Caiman), there were many creatures dancing or pivoting across the page before we managed to narrow it down to a Skateboarding Ocelot, footballing Llama, clambering Chameleon and a roller skating Baboon! As with my style, the work needed to be vivid and punchy enough to stand out. Working closely with designer Natalie Chung, it was a joy seeing these characters develop and find their way on to the packets and out into the wild world!"

animal and nature
character design
food and drink
flat colour
lee hodges
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