The Pegasus Project

Animating three scenarios of a phone being hacked by the 'Pegasus Spyware’ virus, Stuart Holmes enjoys honing his new skills in After Effects.

Titled 'The Pegasus Project’, Stuart's animation shows a chain of events where data is being hacked.

Visualised by hands taking apps out of a phone, the screen being peeled and a hand that slides all the apps away, the animation has a secretive and sinister undertone, highlighting that spyware can corrupt your phone completely undetected.

Stuart explains, "Pegasus spyware is a zero-click Trojan virus developed by the Israeli cyber-arms firm NSO Group. This malware provides the attacker full access to the targeted smartphone, its data, images, photographs and conversations as well as camera, microphone and geolocation, screen recording, data harvesting and password collection - all completely undetected. ‘The Pegasus Project’ is the umbrella name of 17 media organisations that investigated the spying abuses."

See the animation here.


stuart holmes
mobile technology
flat colour
cyber attack
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