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Helen Lang

Helen Lang - Decorative & Character line illustrator. London

Helen Lang's cheerful illustrative style is renowned for its charm, humor and strikingly detailed, linear simplicity. Her fun, colorful work is used on everything from packaging to children’s books and print and online campaigns.
Based in London, Helen became a full-time illustrator in 2011 after a long career in the creative and publishing industries. She is a creative, versatile, fast-working and technically skilled illustrator whose confident style makes for easy for her to visualize her client’s ideas. She is also perfect for live event drawing. Her illustrations are easily adapted into animations and her work reproduces beautifully online, on packaging and at large scale as wall murals or posters.


A new job begins with a flurry of ideas and frantic drawing as Helen establishes a concept for the lettering and/or illustration she’s creating. She’ll flesh her sketches out in a medium that suits the brief – gouache, watercolor, Fineliner, pen or pencil – and finish it off with tweaks in Photoshop or Illustrator.


Everything Helen does is rendered by hand in the first instance, which lends a warmth and personal quality to her style. Her handmade lettering and drawings are fluid, quirky, vibrant and colorful.

Client list

Helen’s clients include Tesco, HarperCollins, Chipotle, John Lewis, Tate Britain, Templar Books, Boden, Burger King and Virgin Trains.
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