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Jenifer Prince

Jenifer Prince - Brazil based illustrator

Jenifer Prince is a young Brazilian illustrator whose images pop right off the page (or screen) with a punchy retro vibe that is energised by modern ways of thinking. While her style evokes the Golden Age of comics in the 50s, 60s and 70s, the narrative in her artwork is full of fresh ideas.
Based in São Paulo, Jenifer is a proponent of art as activism and her illustrations often depict strong women characters, sapphic love and a lesbian outlook. Her clients include some of the biggest brands in publishing, who find Jenifer easy-going, professional and always open to new ideas and challenges. With a degree in Arts and Design from the Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, plus a sandwich year at California College of Arts, Jenifer has turned her passion for mid-century comic art and pulp covers into a new and up-to-date visual language. Some of her influences include the artists Zoë Mozert, Jack Kirby and Gloria Stoll Karn.


Jenifer usually begins with linework in Procreate, moving to Photoshop for the colours, textures and detail work. She often uses rich and passionate colours, within a limited palette.


A mid-century pulp and comic book aesthetic gives Jenifer’s work strong appeal, with textures replicating the Ben-Day dot and halftone printing techniques of that era for a vintage look that suggests action and adventure.


Jenifer is fluent in English and Portuguese.

Client list

Her clients include HP, Sourcebooks, Penguin Random House, Wieden + Kennedy, Glamour Brazil and more.
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