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Jonathan Favari

Jonathan Favari - Australia based illustrator

Wholesome, welcoming, fun – the artwork of Australian illustrator Jonathan Favari brings with it a sense of nostalgia that viewers find easy to settle into. Using soft, organic lines and warm, natural colours, he crafts worlds where his expressive characters and touches of detail help drive an imaginative visual narrative.
Clients enjoy working with Jonathan because he asks the right questions, getting a deep sense of the project and its goals as he develops the right look and feel for the campaign. Storytelling is a big part of his motivation as an artist and illustrator and he’s inspired by pop culture’s great narratives, from Harry Potter and Star Wars through to early Disney films and Nintendo games. Raised on the beaches of Queensland, he dreams of distant North American pine forests with mountain backdrops. He has a BA in Digital Multimedia from Central Queensland University.


After thorough research, Jonathan sketches a range of concepts, narrowing them down to the strongest concepts, often working with his client to select the best direction. When that’s chosen, he’ll add detail, block in colour and shading, then finish the work with textured brushes for an appealing, traditional feel. He works in Illustrator and Photoshop.


Jonathan works in a range of styles – each suited to his brief. From loose, expressive linework with blocks of colour through to finely rendered landscapes full of depth and detail, his work exudes warmth and positivity, with a touch of intrigue.


English and Spanish.

Client list

Jonathan’s clients include TikTok, Victoria Jobs, Little Big Brands, Explanimate! Studios, Soma Studios, Motion Design School and Australian AID.
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