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Li Yong Hong

Li Yong Hong

Li Yong Hong - illustrator

Ferocious and gentle, damaged and beautiful, every-day and spectacular – all the dualities of the natural world you can think of, and more, are captured in painstaking detail by Chinese artist Li Yong Hong. Working exclusively with the traditional scratchboard medium, Li is master craftsman who brings something truly unique to any project he works on.
Based in Alashan, Inner Mongolia, Li is inspired by nature and loves using the scratchboard to capture fur, feathers and fins by hand, scratch by scratch. Refining his skills in the medium via the International Society of Scratchboard Artists’ learning programme, he burst onto the scene with his atmospheric book illustrations. What clients love most about Li is the attention to detail he brings to every project, and the beauty of the final artwork he creates. His influences include fellow scratchboarders Cathy Sheeter and Ricardo Martinez Ortega.


Li scrapes, rubs, carves or grinds the black surface off the scratchboard revealing the white clay beneath it to render the image. Using extremely fine tools, he loves working at hair by hair levels of detail.


Li’s work is so vivid and realistic it inspires awe in anyone who sees it, demanding that they stare and marvel at the effort and skill represented by each piece. Nature is his main subject matter, but Li is also an expert portrait artist.


2020 – International Society of Scratch Art Network Exhibition – Third Place 2019 – International Exhibition of Scratchboard Art – Best Newcomer 2018 - International Exhibition of Scratchboard Art – Merit

Client list

Li Yong Hong’s main client currently is Zhejiang Children’s Publishing.
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Li Yong Hong
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