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Luiza Laffitte

Luiza Laffitte - France based illustrator

Welcome to the tranquil and beautiful creative universe of Brazilian illustrator Luiza Laffitte. Now based in Nantes, France, Luiza invites viewers into intriguing scenes that are calm and refreshing, where the natural world flourishes alongside her exuberant visual poetry.
In Luiza’s artwork, dreams become reality for her clients, shaped by her stylus and virtual brush. Clients enjoy the way she reveals ideas they hadn’t considered but also appreciate how she listens to them and gets inside the brief and then produces engaging and surreal imagery that draws customers to their brand. Luiza has a degree in advertising and years of experience working as an art director, so it’s easy for her to tune in to her client’s needs. While inspiration can come from everywhere, lately Luiza has been into dried flowers – perhaps you can see hints of them in her work?


Luiza’s unique process begins with words. She imagines how the ideas behind her brief interact, and then gradually starts sketching. A selection of thumbnails is refined in Procreate on her iPad then fully painted up in pixels in Photoshop, using pastel palettes that give her work a warming feel.


Dreamlike, poetic, fantastical, surreal – all words that have been used to describe Luiza’s style. There are hints of classic mid-century illustration, mixed in with modern techniques and subjects and a twist of her own imagination.


Luiza is fluent in English, French and Portuguese.

Client list

Her clients include Hasbro, Google Development Group Nantes, Nantes City, Saint Nazaire City, Kopajoy, Moswo and Parégrine.
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