Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Maximising YOU

Ben Tallon chats with personal impact specialist Jodi Goldman.

Written by Ben Tallon

The imposter syndrome, the week on week confidence rollercoaster, the baggy, knackered hoodie we creep out to the shop in. There are many battles we fight in the pursuit of a creative career, but the biggest of all is against ourselves. Personal impact specialist, Jodi Goldman joins me to discuss maximising what we already have in our arsenal. In an industry where individuality and character are crucial, it's too easy to hide away the things that will set us apart for myriad reasons and Jodi explains why. Why is admitting flaws and owning them crucial in order to progress. Which traits are hard wired and what can be changed? It's a fascinating insight into self-perception, psychology and what we need to do to connect with the right people, clients and peace with who we are. What are the flaws you love and why?

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