Tallon at the OFFF Festival

Ben Tallon is invited to speak at the OFFF Festival 2023 in Barcelona and creates a live mural.

Ben's instinctive mural was created in collaboration with Montana colours, working on their fantastic 'Puzzl6' canvas - a series of recyclable boxes that can be arranged to suit the creative and positioned for full impact and exposure. Drawing with a variety of media, the piece is a collage of the city's idiosyncrasies absorbed by Ben during his time there.

Ben explains, "Every year, OFFF has a mural artist, so it was a joy to work outside Disseny Hub, which houses the festival, right amongst the buzz of designers, artists, art-directors, and creative agency folk. I spent a day exploring the urban landscape of the city, then used spray paint, ink, and brush, pens, and acrylic to tell the story of my findings." This follows on from Ben's similar approach when he visited and drew at Osaka, Japan, Beijing, China, Hong Kong, and Minsk, Belarus. "It really helps to connect an artist with the local culture", he adds.

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