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Anthony J Foti

Anthony J Foti - USA based illustrator

Modern portrait and print illustrator Anthony J Foti has created imagery for leading roleplaying and online games, as well as book jackets and more. His work can be found regularly in ImagineFX Magazine and Fantasy Flight Game's Star Wars lines. Anthony lives in the Bay Area of California, collecting animation production art and books in Japanese he can't read.


Anthony went to South Orange County School of the Arts in Dana Point, has studied personally with many artists, and attended San Jose State University's Animation and Illustration programme.


Though many of his images begin with traditional sketches, the bulk of Anthony’s process is done digitally. Often he'll shoot reference photos once he’s worked out a composition and paints the image using a Wacom Cintiq.


Anthony’s artwork is reminiscent of the academic style, but with flourishes comic book art and pulp illustration. His influences range from Glided Age portrait painters to contemporary children's book illustrators, and each has helped shape his art.

Client list

Penguin National Geographic ImagineFX Magazine Fantasy Flight Games Wizards of the Coast Scholastic Coca-Cola Simon & Schuster Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Supergenius Games Las Vegas Weekly
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