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Katharine Asher

Katharine Asher - UK based illustrator

Katharine Asher’s adept line and brushwork have seen her become a leading fashion illustrator, while such skills also invite commissions from a very wide spectrum of subject areas and media. Katharine’s passion for drawing and painting evolved from a very early age, providing the perfect platform to enable her to become a commercial illustrator and artist. Exploring ideas through line, and playing with pigment is a daily pleasure, and ‘as necessary to my well being as breathing,’ she claims. Outside of the studio, Katharine’s interests are musical – an avid dancer she also plays percussion on various instruments and performs regularly, a great antidote to the hours spent hunched over her desk. While admiring the works of artists such as Keith Tyson, Paul Jenkins, Anish Kapoor and Rebecca Horn, Katharine enjoys retro design and the Art Deco movement in particular.


Having studied Illustration at Harrow College of Art, Katharine had been taking on commissions during her final term at university, enabling her to hit the ground running from the day she left. In the years since, Katharine has never stopped working but also managed to acquire a BA Hons and an MA in Fine Art to add to her CV.


Katharine has a spontaneous and playful approach to a brief. She’ll use whatever media is best suited to the job at hand and loves to explore the magic of working in the moment.


Much of Katharine’s work relies on water based pigments and she often deploys a striking, graphical use of contrast in her compositions. Two of her favourite influences are Rene Gruau and Kathe Kollwitz, so it’s no surprise that fashion and portraiture make up two of the strongest streams within her portfolio.

Client list

Harrods Max Factor Oil of Olay Carrtier Armani Royal Mail Marks & Spencer Collision Films The Guardian The Independent Style Magazine
Well done, your work is gorgeous.
Jean Marc Dupuis, ADP (Paris Airport) Magazine
Your work has gone down extremely well here!! And it was great working with you
Ben Turner - Art Buyer, The Financial Times
Your art work is breathtaking. You’ve captured exactly what I hoped to see. Austerity and beauty, a special combination you know how to capture with emotion.
Karl Klontz, Karl C Klontz
Absolutely beautiful, perfect. These have come together really beautifully, you’re an absolutely delight to work with.
Sally Diamond, Philatelic - Jersey Post
We fell in love with your illustrations. It has been great working with you.
Simone Pollak, Polydox
These are STUNNING. Totally see what you mean about that technique- and how it works gloriously on the products!
Hannah Tozer, Mother London
The work is incredible I’m very happy with it! I love your approach so much, so would you be able to do another one?
Sophie Davis, Abaler
Thank you for the wonderful illustrations and all your hard work to create the beautiful posters for Johnson & Johnson - everyone is very happy with the end results.
Ideas, Nicole and Roy
I think you've done a great job at fulfilling the brief. You've struck the balance between prescriptive and creative really nicely. Thanks again for all your hard work and fast turnaround.
Erika Moore, Leo Burnett
Communication was great, the process was easy and the end result surpassed expectations. Katharine is a wonderful artist and we look forward to working with her again in the future.
Jatinder Singh Takhar, Selena & Sophia
Kathy, I was drawn to the nuanced beauty of your lifework, the loose yet so dynamic and realistic way that you shade and add detail.
Lana Shahmoradian, Wieden + Kennedy NY
Hi Kathy, Thanks for these – they are gorgeous!
Lorna Wood: Senior Designer, Woman's Weekly magazine
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