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Katharine Asher

Katharine Asher’s adept line and brushwork have seen her become a leading fashion illustrator, while such skills also invite commissions from a very wide spectrum of subject areas and media. Katharine’s passion for drawing and painting evolved from a very early age, providing the perfect platform to enable her to become a commercial illustrator and artist. Exploring ideas through line, and playing with pigment is a daily pleasure, and ‘as necessary to my well being as breathing,’ she claims. Outside of the studio, Katharine’s interests are musical – an avid dancer she also plays percussion on various instruments and performs regularly, a great antidote to the hours spent hunched over her desk. While admiring the works of artists such as Keith Tyson, Paul Jenkins, Anish Kapoor and Rebecca Horn, Katharine enjoys retro design and the Art Deco movement in particular.


Having studied Illustration at Harrow College of Art, Katharine had been taking on commissions during her final term at university, enabling her to hit the ground running from the day she left. In the years since, Katharine has never stopped working but also managed to acquire a BA Hons and an MA in Fine Art to add to her CV.


Katharine has a spontaneous and playful approach to a brief. She’ll use whatever media is best suited to the job at hand and loves to explore the magic of working in the moment.


Much of Katharine’s work relies on water based pigments and she often deploys a striking, graphical use of contrast in her compositions. Two of her favourite influences are Rene Gruau and Kathe Kollwitz, so it’s no surprise that fashion and portraiture make up two of the strongest streams within her portfolio.

Client list

Harrods Max Factor Oil of Olay Carrtier Armani Royal Mail Marks & Spencer Collision Films The Guardian The Independent Style Magazine
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Inspired to Innovate
Katharine Asher shows a piece of work at 'Inspired to Innovate' - an AOI Exhibition at Hoxton Arches, Hackney.
The Cliveden House Wedding
Jacqueline Bissett and Katharine Asher indulge the guests at a grand wedding celebration at Berkshire's Cliveden House.
Aero Bliss
Katharine Asher paints watercolour renditions for an Aero Bliss social media advertising campaign.
Kolln Porridge
Katharine Asher illustrates the packaging for the relaunch of Kolln Porridge in Germany.
At The Harbour Hotel
Katharine Asher draws the glamorously gowned guests at an exclusive dinner at the Harbour Hotel in Bristol.
Night & Day
Mosha Design in Saudi Arabia commission Katharine Asher for two city views.
Bulgari on Bahnhoffstrasse
Katharine Asher spends a retro evening at Bulgari in Zurich to draw the glamorous clients of the luxury brand.
Celebrating the Chloe C Bag
Katharine Asher draws live at an event to promote the Chloe C Bag.
Sprout Controversy
Katharine Asher is the artistic hand behind Sainsbury's festive teas packaging.
Chopard’s ‘Happy Diamond’ Collection
Katharine Asher was asked to create illustrations that supports the spirit of Chopard for a video promoting their collection of luxury leather handbags.
....and the lady wears Swarvoski
Katharine Asher is invited to draw guests at an exclusive event hosted by Swarovski.
Cold Brew Teas
Katharine Asher creates fruit illustrations for Sainsbury's Cold Brew Tea packaging
Mindful Beauty
Katharine Asher's graceful illustrations are used in The Boots Health & Beauty Mag
Katharine Asher brand work for Melvita
Katharine Asher's timeless watercolour style helps created a look for the natural and ethically sourced beauty brand
The Clientele of Richard Mille
In sumptuous settings, Katharine Asher spends two days drawing live at a luxury watch event.
Couture sketches
Katharine Asher's graceful drawings capture couture at Mishi May Couture.
The Colour Wheel
Katharine Asher illustrates blusher placement for Stylist Magazine.
Katharine Asher works with Sainsbury's to create packaging art for their infusions and cold teas range.
Asher at Vuitton in Leeds
Katharine Asher brings her artistic grace to the Leeds branch of Louis Vuitton for their seasonal event.
Dream Big
Katharine Asher sketches guests at the California Wine Fair recording 'moments in time'.
Covent Garden Poster Girls
Katharine Asher's work for London Transport is part of an exciting exhibition at the London Transport Museum on female poster art.
Mishi May
Katharine Asher live sketches at a Mishi May bridal wear pre-shoot.
Future Vision
Katharine Asher contributes to Business Jet Interiors International Magazine with her stylish art.
Face Contours
Globus Magazine commission Katharine Asher for some female beauty illustrations.
Bridal Cosmetics
Katharine Asher paints a fluid portrait for a beauty salon chain in Dubai.
In Timely Fashion
Katharine Asher's graceful fashion illustrations appear in the current 'How to Spend it'.
Ouse Valley
Katharine Asher paints a heron in flight for Ouse Valley Foods.
Classic Positions
Katharine Asher creates beautiful figure drawings for the book 'Classic Sex Positions - Reinvented'.
Formal Hanbok
Katharine Asher creates over forty illustrations for a book on the traditional costume of Korea.
The Art of Shoemaking
Katharine Asher draws for the Rockport stand at FN Platform - the Las Vegas branded footwear event.
Katharine Asher creates wine labels for the Yellowglen Vintage Botanics Series.
How to Spend It
Katharine Asher illustrates a feature for FT's How to Spend it Magazine on Art Jewellery.
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The Baby Book
Katharine Asher creates black and white line illustrations for The Baby Book.
Illustrator Profile - Katharine Asher
With a playful and spontaneous approach, Katharine Asher's adept line and brushwork have seen her become a leading fashion illustrator.
Asher at the 'Masterpiece' Launch Party
Annie Nightingale
Katharine Asher paints a portrait of Annie Nightingale for the Masterpiece CD cover.
Chutney Mary
MAC's Art of the Lip
Cosmetic Enhancements
Emperor Penguins
Eau De Youth
Katharine Asher uses her flowing lines for Good Housekeeping Magazine.
Brander Food Edition
Remembrance Day Stamps
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