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Draw. Draw. Draw. This has been the story of Paul Daviz’s life from an early age. He drew on his schoolbooks, he drew when he got his first job – in a pyjama factory. After studying graphic design he worked for a greeting card company in his hometown of Blackburn, but was never allowed to create the illustrations. Instead of getting frustrated, he built up a portfolio of his own artwork and went freelance. By the mid-80s he found himself in London visualising storyboards and mock-ups for TV commercials, animated productions, packaging and print campaigns. Now a leading illustrator, confident working in a whole range of cartoony styles, Paul is still drawing on a daily basis. His original inspiration was a copy of MAD magazine handed to him when he was 10, and sometimes you can still spot that irreverent humour in Paul’s work, even today. He also loves Soviet matchbox covers, produced using only two colours, and 1970s cinema advertising, which was cheap but effective. When it comes to music, cheesy country is Paul’s preference, and he plays an eight-string lap steel guitar in the Carter County country band.


Paul studied graphic design for two years, but otherwise he’s a self-taught artist whose love of drawing and constant honing of his abilities have made him one of Britain’s leading cartoon illustrators.


Originally a traditional line and wash artist, Paul has maintained his cartoony roots, and each rough begins as a pen on paper sketch. The work is then converted to vector graphics, and continues to take shape on Paul’s computer screen, where he fiddles endlessly with the colours in search of perfection.


Big, bold shapes, sweeping lines, strong colours, hints of texture and plenty of fun – these are just some of the characteristics of Paul’s individual style. His strong draughtsmanship and drawing skills always shine through, and within his work you’ll find a whole range of cartoony styles from expressive line work to more abstract pieces, finished off with charming touches of detail.

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Canon Ryder Truck Rental Argos Honda BMW British Airways Royal Mail DHL Yamaha Tesco HarperCollins The Daily Telegraph The Football Association Channel 4 Ravensburger Y&R Whiskas
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