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Sveta Dorosheva

Sveta Dorosheva - Israel based illustrator

With a classic fairytale style, and a willingness to explore everything from medieval legend through to wild psychedelia, Sveta Dorosheva is the artist to turn to for beautiful, meticulous and ornamental illustration with a hint of magic about it. Born in Ukraine and now living in Israel, drawing is her passion and she feels like she’d be virtually dead without it. She’s also an artist who engages physically with her work – everything is done by hand using traditional materials. And it shows – you can feel the concentration and imagination that’s gone into every stroke in her fantastical illustrations. With influences like Harry Clarke, Kay Nielsen, Edmund Dulac and Arthur Rackham, it’s not hard to see where Sveta’s love of that fairytale style comes from. However, she has given it her own twist, adding a surreal Through the Looking Glass spirit to it. Ancient costumes, medieval emblems, heraldic symbols and renaissance engravings are also sources of inspiration, and she loves vintage botanical illustration too.


Though Sveta graduated from Zaporozhye State University in Ukraine with a degree in languages and literature, she’s been training as an artist all her life. On the one hand, she was an experienced art director and creative director in one of Kiev’s largest advertising agencies, on the other she studied anatomy and academic drawing at the Tel Aviv Classical School of Art. To ‘teach’ herself illustration, she threw herself in at the deep end and wrote and illustrated a children’s book, which is full of her own images, lettering and ideas. In 2015, her book was published in Russia and Romania. It’s been an instant hit with readers, was nominated for the National Bestseller Award 2016 in Russia, and a US printing is planned.


An image begins when Sveta writes down her ideas in words – no drawings. When she’s settled on the clearest concept, the sketching begins and she starts thinking about the tonal scheme. Once she’s happy with a rough, she makes a clean pencil drawing on watercolour paper, and inks it before painting in the colour. If she wants a softer feel, she’ll leave out the linked line work and use straight watercolours. Sometimes, when working in black and white, she’ll use a ballpoint pen for a soft, engraved-like effect.


Sveta’s main style has been likened to Golden Age fairy tales – classic and vintage. When she brings modern themes and ideas into the work juxtaposition is created that makes it fresh, relevant and unique. Her second style involves light line art, drawn quickly and with more expression and less detail. A silhouette, a dance, a fantasy scene. Usually these images are done using ink, a spot colour, or in pencil.

Client list

Usborne Publishing JWT New York Conde Nast Baroque Books Atticus Press
Sveta did a BEAUTIFUL job!!!!! The artwork she created is so stunning. I can't stop looking at everything. She created a whole other story within the story.... I love it!
Monica Simon, Wine Enthusiast
Thank you to Sveta for two marvelous maps. Her unbelievable skill and professionalism made this experience really seamless and enjoyable for the Nightbirds team!
Suki Boynton, Penguin Random House
As a lifetime lover of fantasy stories, I've always been a huge fan of story maps. And I've never seen an illustrator as talented as Sveta. The map she created for my book exceeded all of my expectations--it is gorgeous. Not only the landscapes, but the border--all of it--is stunning. She is incredibly talented and asks a lot of great questions up front to know exactly what the layout and tone of the map should be. She was so kind, thoughtful, and easy to communicate with. It is obvious she puts a lot of care into her work. She worked patiently with my publisher's design team to make adjustments and modifications as needed. The end product is nothing short of magical, and I recommend Sveta to absolutely any author who's looking for their book map to stand out. She's brought my story world to life in the most beautiful way, and I am forever grateful.
Megan Reyes, Author
“C. S. Pacat let us know that this is the most stunning map that she’s ever seen, and it all looks perfect to her—she’s truly blown away!”
Laura Mock, Harper Collins Children’s Books
Sveta was a such a fantastic artist to work with. I had a very important project with a short timeline and she blew my team away with her work. She was prompt, communicative and created a map for us that was more beautiful than we could have imagined. I would absolutely work with her again.
Ellen Duda, Macmillan Children's Publishing Group
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