Arrest All Mimics

Ben Tallon has teamed up with Illustration Ltd to launch a brand new arts podcast, 'Arrest All Mimics.'

Arrest All Mimics, as a title, is a nod to original thinkers and creative innovators who are doing their own thing, wholeheartedly. That ethos underpins the show, a casual, frank conversation with inspiring people about inspiring projects, influences, backgrounds and aspirations right across the visual arts, from design and illustration, to theatre and film, covering everything in between. 

The show started after Ben Tallon released his debut book, Champagne and Wax Crayons: Riding the Madness of the Creative Industries and wished to continue his documentation of the vast amount of stunning work in the arts. Working with Illustration Ltd, he began to explore the on-demand audio world of podcasting, which would allow people to hear from a broad range of creative professionals and not have to compromise increasingly busy lifestyles. Ben says "I think podcasting provides an instant and intimate medium that will allow listeners greater access to the minds behind some of the most trailblazing personalities and projects in our world. We all take inspiration from the path people have taken and I believe that everyone can take many positives from hearing about the unique journey that led them to producing something truly original. All creative work is a product of the personality, so Arrest All Mimics is about showcasing the people behind the work to allow us to join the dots."

Guests so far include 

  • Illustrator, Artist and live painter, Miss Led 
  • Photographer and illustrator, Danny Allison 
  • Chair of Creative England, John Newbigin
  • Creative Director of Stylorouge, Rob O'Connor
  • Professor of Theatre at New York University, Rebecca Johannsen
  • Painter and artist, Robert James Clarke

Please get in touch with any suggestions for show ideas, guests or to pass on any other feedback at or here at Illustration Ltd.

LISTEN to the Arrest All Mimics podcast...


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