Arrest All Mimics Podcast: What's the f'n point?

In this two- part podcast Ben Tallon chats to Craig Oldham and Dawinder Bansal.

Podcast illustration of Arrest All Mimics Podcast
What's the f'n point? Is a two-part special podcast in response to the understandable feeling of futility in the creative industry. There's a lot to worry about in the world and when monster after monster keeps stomping over the horizon, 'What's the f'n' point?' is a very valid question.
In part one, Craig Oldham joins Ben Tallon to discuss his own insecurities and let us in on some spellbinding, vital projects. Craig explains the importance of understanding that we are all a small part of a bigger whole, with limited, but important influence. With passion, drawing upon the personal and wonder, that influence can become unlimited.
Detailing In Loving Memory of Work, his stunning book on the 1984/85 miners' strike and his They Live 'epiphany editions' book, Craig illustrates the unpredictable ways meaningful design can change, enliven and unite in troubled times.
Next week, in part 2, he is joined by artist Dawinder Bansal who picks up the baton and goes deep into her South Asian heritage. She shows why inclusivity and subtlety in our activism can be just as powerful as any protest or placard. 
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