Arrest All Mimics Podcast: What's the f'n point? PART TWO

In part two of this special podcast Ben Tallon chats with the brilliant Dawinder Bansal

Illustration of Arrest All Mimics Podcast
What's the f'n point? Is a two-part special podcast in response to the understandable feeling of futility in the creative industry. There's a lot to worry about in the world and when monster after monster keeps stomping over the horizon, 'What's the f'n' point?' is a very valid question.
In part 2, British producer and artist Dawinder Bansal joins me to lay out a powerful showcase of exploring sensitive and often misunderstood topics in a subtle and inclusive way. From the 1st generation of British born, South Asian community, Dawinder uses the personal and uses theatre, film, audio and other media to tell stories in a way that invites the audience to get up close and personal, to experience it for themselves. 
We get deep into Jambo Cinema, Asian Women and Cars: The Road to Independence and The Making of a South Asian Wedding, the responses and why it is crucial, during these times, that they provide an interesting, entertaining space for respectful debate and discourse.
The show is kindly supported by Illustration X and The Association of Illustrators
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