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Jeanetta Gonzales

Jeanetta Gonzales - USA based illustrator

Vibrant, colourful and imbued with positive energy, illustrations by the multitalented California artist Jeanetta Gonzales tend to reflect her personality. As her clients over the years will testify, she’s fun to work with and brings original and playful ideas to each project she tackles, alongside a natural style that exudes an easy sense of freedom.
Jeanetta brings with her a wealth of experience. Having worked as a graphic designer for many years she knows how to bring her best to a brief, using natural media, patterns and lettering to communicate the client’s message in a unique and artful way. With a degree in Fine Art from UCLA, as well as a degree in Graphic Design, Jeanetta has many influences including the textile designer Vera Neumann and the Impressionist painter Claude Monet.


Using a unique combination of traditional and digital techniques, Jeanetta paints the initial elements using watercolour and/or gouache then assembles her composition in Photoshop. It’s the ideal way to facilitate happy creative accidents while allowing enough control to perfect an illustration so that it meets the needs of her client.


Jeanetta’s style is graphic, colourful and playful, often with a feminine feel to it. Patterns and textures help bring nuance to the energy of her colour palette. She loves illustrating women, flowers and foliage, and has become an expert with this subject matter.

Client list

Jeanetta has clients including The New York Times, The California Lottery, Muse Advertising, Mixbook, Minted, Uppercase Magazine and The National Association of Environmental Education.
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