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Greg Straight

Greg Straight - Auckland, New Zealand based illustrator

From camper vans and t-shirts to the front windows of McDonalds and Mr Men characters, Greg Straight’s graphical illustrations bring life, colour and happiness to all his client's projects, and top brands around the world turn to him for their campaigns.
While the New Zealand-based artist’s work features bold shapes, he adds little details to draw viewers in, taking inspiration from the surf, trips to the beach and nature. Born in England, Greg emigrated to New Zealand with his family aged nine. He has a Bachelor degree from the Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland, and a diploma in design from the Auckland University of Technology.


Every new project starts with a sketch on paper. The work then migrates over to the desktop, where he develops it further in Illustrator, which is ideal for the basic forms and limited colour palettes that Greg likes to use.


Greg’s main style is colourful and fun, with clean lines and a modern, geometric feel to it. Though most of his images are clear and direct, he also introduces smaller elements and icons, patterns and textures, to give them more depth.

Client list

Greg’s clients include Warner Music, Nespresso, McDonalds, Microsoft, Greenpeace, Air New Zealand, The Telegraph, Barnardos and Usbourne Books.
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